Asset Library

Exploit our existing capsule of data resources to give you a head start

Accelerate deployment by up to 90% with our encyclopedic capsule
of data resources across multiple industries and applications. Asset Library integration
can save organizations approximately

50,000 hours in R&D
$5 Million in Development

The foundation of our ‘AI Brain’ is a collection of neutral and unbiased data sets pertaining to your particular industry, so that there is an existing knowledge base to work with.

World’s Most Comprehensive Sound Error Database

We are the sound error experts. Leverage on our resources to identify potential machine failure at breakneck speed. Our clients across heavy machinery, construction and manufacturing industries have already used this to their fullest advantage for a better maintenance strategy.

Petabytes worth of sound error data
to identify machine failure

How does the Asset Library work?

We have collected vast amounts of neutral & unbiased data sets from across multiple industries and applications. With this background knowledge done way ahead, your AI journey with us can be remarkably accelerated.

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We support your business by building and customizing an ‘AI Brain’ specific to your business needs because we understand that different organizations have varied needs and require different solutions. Asset Library illustration

We are different from the rest

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Highly Customized Solutions

A proven track record of
modifying our ‘AI
Brain’ across multiple

Group 8850

High Accuracy

Highly precise predictions
and detection accuracy for
assets across different

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We help clients develop a
strategic edge.

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Speed to market

Accelerated speed to market with groundwork completed with Asset Library.

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Modular Approach

Complete flexibility and
customizable to your
company’s requirements.