Proprietary IoT Sound Sensor

For effective machine health monitoring.

The easiest way to get started on your journey towards tackling unplanned downtime. Let our sound sensors get to work and tell you exactly what is wrong with your machines.

Easy installation and configuration


High quality acoustic data for AI-powered analysis


Highly sensitive and picks out the subtlest anomalies


Delivers fast data processing on deployed site

GroundUp Sensor Placement

Sound Triumphs Over All Other Machine Signals

All machines give off a unique sound profile and it is in our DNA to dissect crucial sound data into important insights for you.

A Closer Look into Our Sensor
Sound sensor -

How Our Sensors Work

The irreplaceable foundation of our Condition-based and Predictive Maintenance solutions

GroundUp IoT Solution
3D Approach to Analysing Sound
GroundUp 3D Approach sound analysis


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