IoT Sensors

Reduce unplanned downtime and optimize asset maintenance for better efficiency
Start your Predictive Maintenance journey with high-quality data
In today’s interconnected world, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors play a pivotal role in revolutionizing industrial operations by enabling the collection of real-time data from equipment and machinery. These sensors are small, smart devices equipped with various sensing capabilities, capable of monitoring a wide range of parameters including vibration, temperature and sound.
All-in-one wireless, magnetic IoT Sensors
The irreplaceable foundation of’s Predictive Maintenance solution

Non-intrusive Approach

Our sensor features a magnetic base for easy and flexible installation, without compromising the structural integrity of any machinery.

Built to Last

Equipped with an IP68 rating, our sensor is able to withstand outdoor and harsh deployment environments while delivering top-notch performance.

Comprehensive Data Acquisition

Our sensor collects vibration, temperature and sound data, which enables a holistic understanding of the machine conditions and detection of early-stage machine faults.

Long-lasting Power

Enjoy uninterrupted equipment monitoring with the extended battery life that lasts up to 3 years.

Driving for a real impact together, from the ground up

Ground Up Sound Solution

Make intelligent business decisions with full confidence

We integrate all forms of data and provide you with a complete understanding of your asset’s performance in real-time. With our simple proprietary platform, you can extract more value and gain actionable insights across all levels of your business.

From now on, you can make intelligent business decisions with full clarity and confidence.

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