Condition-Based Maintenance

Real-time equipment diagnosis and actionable alerts for
early intervention.

Real-Time Monitoring

Data-driven approach to track the health of your machinery and equipment with proper indicators of actual machinery performance.

Take action based on concrete data and make a quantum leap from reactive and scheduled maintenance to condition-based maintenance. Say goodbye to unnecessary inspections, and strive towards improvements in Mean Time between Failures.

Realtime monitoring stages -
Predictive Maintenance Dashboard |
Instant Notification

Remotely monitor your machinery through our web-based CMS and get instantly notified of any abnormal machine behaviour so that appropriate measures can be taken immediately.

Tackling Unplanned Downtime with Sound
Proprietary IoT Sound Sensors, fully designed in-house

Compact and built to withstand harsh environments, allowing for flexible deployments across a wide range of industries and operational sites. Sound Sensor
3D Approach to Analysing Sound -
3D Approach to Analysing Sound

A unique and holistic 3-dimensional approach to analysing sound data to ensure all facets are covered.

Industrial Noise Cancellation

Accurate sound diagnosis with our proprietary noise cancellation methodology to cancel out surrounding high frequency and high amplitude noises in industrial settings before processing.

Groundup Noise Cancellation V2
The Benefits

Reduce unplanned downtime


Gain actionable insights into machine health in real-time


Achieve long-term cost savings from unnecessary maintenance works

Groundup meant time image

Improve mean time between failures (MTBF)


Avoid operational stress from sudden breakdowns

Grounup-Time is money image

Improve overall productivity


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