Computer Vision

‘Smart safety monitoring’ for every enterprise

How Computer Vision in AI Works

Keep an eagle eye on site to ensure safety of workers

Eradicate the need for manual monitoring and advance into a smart monitoring system with notifications and insights to keep you abreast of the safety of your operational sites. Prevent costly stop-work orders from occurring due to safety concerns.

Identify safety lapses, from the comfort of your desk

Make the workplace a safer one by picking out PPE violations or risky behaviours that can threaten the workers’ safety. Receive instant notifications in the event of any non-compliances to safety protocols so immediate actions can be taken before any accidents happen.

An elegant dashboard to make it easy for your ‘smart monitoring’

Monitor project progress and detect potential safety lapses in real-time via an elegant and user-friendly platform. Detect potential hiccups and critical issues with actionable insights into safety records of projects and workers.

Use Cases

The Benefits

Improve safety with better identification of safety lapses before an incident occur

Ensure safety compliance and track underutilized resources

Eliminate manual and laborious inspections with remote monitoring

Improve workflow by removing bottlenecks and idle time

Detect safety hazards remotely

Receive real-time alerts in the event of any safety breaches


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