Tap onto our existing capsule of data resources to give you a head start

Accelerate your AI journey with our capsule of data resources.

Here’s our secret sauce – the Meta Asset Capsule, a collection of neutral and unbiased data sets across all industries so that there is an existing knowledge base to work with.

This makes up the foundation of our ‘AI Brain’ so that our algorithms can get down to work faster and at higher accuracy.

How It Works

We accumulate and collect neutral & unbiased data sets from across industries e.g. heavy machinery, virtual events, logistics and put them into our library of data which we call the Meta Asset Capsule. This forms our background IP.

Adding our Meta Asset Capsule together with existing data sources from your own business and newly harvested data from the Data Acquisition process (the foreground IP), this forms the foundation of the customizable ‘AI Brain’.

With the Meta Asset Capsule as the existing ‘insider intel’, the deployment time can be accelerated by up to 90%.