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Predict machinery failure for better resource planning and site optimization
Offshore oil and gas organizations experience on average $49 million annually in financial impacts due to unplanned downtime.

Combating unplanned downtime and addressing the mounting carbon footprint presents formidable challenges for the Oil & Gas industry. With the pressure to operate in an environment where equipment reliability is of utmost importance, the industry must ensure uninterrupted production while meeting global demands and minimizing its environmental impact.

Big Oil & Gas players are turning to AI solutions to cope with these challenges, and are leveraging on the capabilities of Predictive Maintenance to foresee potential equipment failures, reduce unplanned downtime, and mitigate environmental risks associated with sudden failures.

increase in equipment uptime & availability
reduction in maintenance planning time
reduction in overall maintenance costs
reduction in material spend
Source: Predictive maintenance and the smart factory, Deloitte, 2017
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