Oil and Gas

Revolutionizing equipment maintenance with Artificial Intelligence

Make unplanned downtime due to machinery breakdown a history with Predictive Maintenance

Ground Up Oil & Gas

Achieve massive cost savings
from inefficient maintenance works

Get notified about potential equipment
breakdowns at the site and create strategic
plans to prioritize maintenance works and
allocate resources accordingly, without
compromising on productivity.


Create a safer work
environment for your crew

A more efficient maintenance strategy keeps
equipment in a prime condition, thereby
reducing leaks in pipes and tanks. This helps to
reduce risky situations faced by the operational

Ground Up Oil refinery condition based maintenance
Ground Up Oil Rig

Attain higher level
operational excellence

Streamlined maintenance paired with
cutbacks on unnecessary operational
expenditure in time and money increases
operational excellence. System works even in
offshore locations, allowing the AI to perform
even in poorly connected areas.

Heavy Machinery Case Study

Inter-Equipment Supply: A 45% reduction in regular maintenance cost


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Predictive Maintenance in the Oild and Gas Industry Visual

Predictive Maintenance in the Oil and Gas Industry

Predictive maintenance has been broadly used in the oil and gas industry over the past 20 years. The volatile oil market is one of the key reasons for the increased use of predictive maintenance. This is because companies are looking to reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime.  How does predictive…

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