Synergistic AI-powered solutions to strive towards Industry 4.0

Strive towards Industry 4.0 with a full digital overhaul of your manufacturing facility.

Optimize asset maintenance and achieve massive cost savings from inefficient maintenance works

Get notified about potential manufacturing equipment breakdowns based on real-time equipment condition to better prioritize maintenance works and allocate resources accordingly, without compromising on productivity.

Drive productivity and efficiency of manufacturing processes by tracking project progress and cut back unnecessary operational expenditures

Ensure production is on track through proper monitoring, and identify potential idle resources so that resources can be better allocated elsewhere.

Ensure a safer working environment for your workers

Receive real-time notifications on safety lapses so that the appropriate precautionary measures can be carried out for the safety of all workers.

Manufacturing Case Study

Company A: A 56% i improvement
In overall project flow


Predictive Maintenance: Using Sound as the Primary Indicator

Predictive maintenance is a technique that helps monitor the equipment condition as well as to determine the appropriate maintenance activities. This is done through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytics. The system will be able to predict the future trend of the equipment’s condition i.e. potential failure and…
Smart Manufacturer of Tomorrow

A Smart Manufacturer of Tomorrow

Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing – ‘Automation’ and ‘acceleration’ are the biggest watchwords for the manufacturing industry, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic surges again. This crisis has proven to leaders the importance of agility and crucial lessons of putting their workers first. It has also perpetuated a rapid change for…

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