Heavy Machinery

Revolutionizing the maintenance of heavy machinery
with Artificial Intelligence

Make unplanned downtime due to machinery breakdown a history with Predictive Maintenance

Achieve massive cost
savings from inefficient
maintenance works

Fix the right thing at the right time and do
away with redundant maintenance works that
do not benefit your machinery.

Have full clarity on your
machinery’s performance
for better resource planning

Create strategic plans when you are fully aware
of potential downtime and your machinery’s
Remaining Useful Life.

Create a safer working
environment for your team

Minimize your team’s exposure to potential
safety hazards when you are fully aware of your
machinery’s operating capacity.

Heavy Machinery Case Study

Inter-Equipment Supply: A 45% reduction in regular maintenance cost


Predictive Maintenance: Using Sound as the Primary Indicator

Predictive maintenance is a technique that helps monitor the equipment condition as well as to determine the appropriate maintenance activities. This is done through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytics. The system will be able to predict the future trend of the equipment’s condition i.e. potential failure and…
Tunnel Boring Machine at construction site

Predictive Maintenance for Tunnel Boring Machines

Predictive Maintenance for Tunnel Boring Machines – The world’s population is projected to reach up to 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11 billion by 2100. As the world population continues to grow in size, cities have become more crowded and land resources have also become scarcer. Therefore, it has become…
Predictive Analytics at Work: A Look at 4 Major Industries

Predictive Analytics at Work: A Look at 4 Major Industries

The Explosion of Data and Necessity for Predictive Analytics –  Businesses around the world today have an aspect of their operations automated. The data generated by companies and organisations on these systems is a gold mine of information that could potentially entitle them with a competitive edge over their competitors.…

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