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Reduce equipment failures leading to unplanned downtime to optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Manufacturing and industrial firms lose $864 billion a year due to unplanned downtime

In the competitive landscape of consumer product manufacturing, any interruptions in production can have detrimental effects. Delays in production can lead to insufficient stock availability in the market, resulting in lost sales revenue and jeopardizing critical shelf space.

This is where Predictive Maintenance plays a crucial role – to help manufacturers proactively identify and address potential issues with production machinery before they cause unplanned downtime. This ensures that production lines move smoothly, minimizing disruptions and safeguarding against the costly consequences of downtime-related delays.

increase in equipment uptime & availability
reduction in maintenance planning time
reduction in overall maintenance costs
reduction in material spend
Source: Predictive maintenance and the smart factory, Deloitte, 2017


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