Leverage on Artificial Intelligence to do ‘smart monitoring’ for your worksites

80% budget overruns and 20 months delays in completion can happen in large scale projects.

Put a stop to that now

Ground Up Computer Vision Solution

Drive productivity and cut back on unnecessary expenditures by tracking project progress from the comfort of your seat.

Monitor work performance of service providers, manage workflow efficiency, and identify idle resources for reallocation or better planning. All without having to leave your seat.


Use remote ‘Smart Monitoring’ for surveillance of worksites and ensure safety of site workers

Gain 24/7 visibility to your worksite and receive real-time actionable insights on safety compliance and precautionary notifications about potential safety lapses.

Ground Up Social Distancing Computer Vision Solution
Excavator on Site Image

Achieve higher level operational excellence and further cost savings from unnecessary and inefficient maintenance works

Receive notifications about your equipment’s condition and potential breakdowns to better prioritize maintenance works, and do away with redundant maintenance works that do not benefit your machinery.

Construction Case Study

Company A: A 45% reduction in safety breaches


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