Driving digitalization in the Industrial World

Groundup.ai is the leading Industrial Al expert and go-to partner for machine maintenance and workplace safety Al solutions. From our distinctive sound-first Predictive Maintenance solution to our advanced Computer Vision technology, we are ready to deploy our cutting edge technology to transform industrial companies and solve unique Industrial problems.


We believe that problems can be solved easily with the help of cutting-edge technology. We use this technology to push boundaries, find innovative solutions, and work closely with our clients to tackle unique industrial problems. We are committed to using our skills and expertise to help our clients overcome any challenges they may face.

People-first Mindset

We believe that using Al can simplify our work and is not meant to replace humans. We aim to assist people through Al by taking up menial tasks, allowing them to concentrate on more crucial work and return home with peace of mind.

ROI Driven

We are dedicated to delivering results without compromising on your resources. Our focus on driving results ensures that you will see long-term returns as soon as you choose to work with us.

Our APAC Presence

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Groundup.ai APAC presence