Join us and be part of the journey in empowering every workplace to be an AI-driven company

Marketing and Branding Manager is an industrial AI startup which helps industrial companies with 2 main problems – machine maintenance and workplace safety.

Our core solutions include:

  1. Predictive Mainteance – to prevent unplanned downtime and unnecessary wastages
  2. Industrial Vehicle Safety Monitoring – to prevent workplace accidents and deaths with real-time safety monitoring
  3. Computer Vision – to improve workplace safety through ‘smart safety monitoring’

As we continue to bring our innovative approach to our fast-growing companies to create an impact in the world, we are looking for talented and passionate marketeers to join us on our exciting journey.

We value team members who execute ideas with gusto and have an insatiable appetite to win. has been able to achieve market leadership positions in industries we are involved in and we are able to prove our concepts rapidly.

As a small and closely knitted team, you will work closely with the founding members and senior management, with many opportunities to contribute and make a direct impact to the company. If you are interested in joining this dynamic and creative team in this journey, we would love to speak to you.

What is the role about

At heart, we see ourselves as a catalyst to help industrial companies transform into ‘Industry 4.0’ and beyond, and build a sustainable future together. We believe that sustainability should not be compromised with technological advances and business progress. While we strive towards ‘Industry 4.0’, we do not forget about our identities as human beings in this world, and that we are responsible for making this world a better place for everyone. We are on a mission to bring sustainability issues to the forefront and derive actionable steps for the future.

The candidate will be the driving force behind the amplification of the causes we stand for, and play a key role in establishing the association between’s brand profile and these causes, with our core sustainability pillars being environmental sustainability, social responsibility and governance. We are looking for someone with an adventurous spirit, able to think out-of-the-box and propose and execute wild and exciting ideas from end-to-end to drive our sustainability initiatives. It will be an exciting journey and the candidate will have the opportunity to develop new and wild ideas from the ground up and see their ideas come to life, so he/she must be willing to dive deep and get their hands dirty and be fully involved in the entire process.

Job Details

  • Permanent position with comprehensive benefits
  • Employee Stock Options
  • Based in Singapore
  • Working days and hours: Monday to Friday; Office hours
  • Remote working

Key Responsibilities

  • Spearhead end-to-end marketing campaigns and activities from idea conceptualisation to execution to raise awareness for the causes under our core sustainability pillars
  • Brainstorm new and creative ideas to support marketing campaigns and activities, and be open to experiment with new channels and concepts
  • Engage and liaise with new or existing media relationships to ensure that key events and campaigns announcements and news are well-circulated. A key success metric that we are looking at will be the number of media coverages we receive on a quarterly basis.
  • Measure and report performance of all campaigns and initiatives, and assess against project/ campaign goals (ROI and KPIs) and implement improvements where necessary


  • A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or communications.
  • 3 – 5 years of related job experience. Past experience in driving large scale awareness and social movement campaigns is a big plus.
  • Have proven experience of managing major campaigns or driving social movements
  • Be a critical and creative thinker, able to think out of the box and willingness to propose and test out new concepts and ideas
  • “Can-do” and adventurous attitude with a positive and problem solving mindset
  • Exceptional project management and communications skills are essential.
  • Understand current marketing trends.
  • The ability to successfully manage multiple projects at the same time.