Unlock the Future of Maintenance
AI-driven Predictive Maintenance Solution to catapult your operations to the next level
Eliminate Unplanned Downtime for Good
Predict equipment failure with unparalleled precision for maximum uptime
Enhance Machine Performance & Reliability
For minimum disruptions to production lines

> 800K

hours of machine

> 100

types of machines

> 1,000

hours of downtime prevented

> 150

types of machine faults identified

An end-to-end solution to improve machine health and reliability

Make unplanned downtime a history with Groundup.ai’s Predictive Maintenance solution proprietary loT sensors and Al platform. Improve cost savings and avoid redundant checks by conducting timely maintenance only when it’s needed.

Comprehensive Data Acquisition

We adopt a non-intrusive and non-invasive approach for high-quality data acquisition, using our magnetic-based IoT sensors to capture vibration, temperature and sound data with precision.

Machine Health Overview

Machine Health classifications provide clear insights into prioritizing attention towards machines requiring the utmost attention.

> 90% Accuracy in Anomaly Detection

Prompt detection of machine anomalies to enable swift intervention and resolution, before any catastrophic breakdowns happen.

Root Cause Analysis & Prescriptions

AI identifies the suspected machine issues so you don’t have to spend days or weeks eliminating possibilities to derive on the root cause.

The Difference We Can Make

Stay ahead of the curve

Groundup.ai empowers you with real-time data and predictive insights, enabling informed decisions precisely when they matter most.

Reduce cost and drive profitability

Enhance resource allocation efficiency, streamline manpower, and minimize wastages. All these for the sake of your bottom line.

Drive safety and boost team morale

Minimize the occurrence of emergency repairs and create a safer working environment for improved team morale.


Consumer Goods

Reduce equipment failures leading to unplanned downtime to optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Food & Beverage

Strengthen operations at scale with improved productivity while attaining extensive cost savings


Catapult plant productivity with ann optimized maintenance strategy


Predict vessel maintenance and reduce wastage, leading to better energy efficiency

Oil & Gas

Predict machinery failure for better resource planning and site optimization

Driving for a real impact together, from the ground up

Ground Up Sound Solution

Make intelligent business decisions with full confidence

We integrate all forms of data and provide you with a complete understanding of your asset’s performance in real-time. With our simple proprietary platform, you can extract more value and gain actionable insights across all levels of your business.

From now on, you can make intelligent business decisions with full clarity and confidence.

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Attain significant
cost savings

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Better allocation of

Group 8851

Achieve revenue

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