Make sudden breakdowns a history with’s proprietary IoT sound sensors and AI platform. Tackling Unplanned Downtime.
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Heavy Machinery

Predict machinery failure for better resource planning


Drive efficiency on site and enable massive savings


Strengthen operations at scale with improved productivity while attaining extensive cost savings


Predict vessel maintenance needs and reduce wasteges


Drive for greater accuracy and enhance safety conditions for frontline mineworkers

Oil & Gas

Optimize operations at every level

Driving for a real impact together, from the ground up

Make intelligent business decisions with full confidence

We integrate all forms of data and provide you with a complete understanding of your asset’s performance in real-time. With our simple proprietary platform, you can extract more value and gain actionable insights across all levels of your business.

From now on, you can make intelligent business decisions with full clarity and confidence.

Attain significant
cost savings

Better allocation of

Achieve revenue


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Predictive Maintenance in the Oil and Gas Industry

Predictive maintenance has been broadly used in the oil and gas industry over the past 20 years. The volatile oil market is one of the key reasons for the increased use of predictive maintenance. This is because companies are looking to reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime.  How does predictive…

Predictive Maintenance: Using Sound as the Primary Indicator

Predictive maintenance is a technique that helps monitor the equipment condition as well as to determine the appropriate maintenance activities. This is done through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytics. The system will be able to predict the future trend of the equipment’s condition i.e. potential failure and…

Digital Transformation for Smart Cities

Population expansion and 5G– More than half of the world’s population live in cities and call it their home but it’s definitely increasing with the growing population. The ongoing exponential surge in population is subsequently sparking urbanisation efforts with smart city designs and solutions developed to accommodate the challenges and…