Revolutionizing the Industrial World with AI
Leverage on our expertise on machine maintenance and workplace safety to catapult to the next level

The Difference We Can Make

In order for industries to catapult to the next levels of efficiency, safety and profitability. AI is an inevitable and the major driver for that change. Implementing purpose-built AI solutions unlocks new business opportunities and competitive advantages which can drive the growth of industrial organisations, leaving competitors for behind in the game.

Let us transform your organisation to ‘Industry 4.0’ and beyond.

Stay ahead of the curve backs you up
with real time data and
predicted insights, so you can
make the right decisions at
the right time.

Reduce cost and drive profitability

Improve resource allocation
and reduce manpower and
unnecessary wastes. All
these for the sake of your
bottom line.

Eliminate workplace accidents

A safer working environment
so everyone can go home
safely at the end of the day.

Our Core Solution to Kickstart Your Industrial Digitalization Journey is your go-to partner for Industrial Al solutions for machine maintenance and workplace safety. We use our ‘proprietary sensors, video analytics and Al platform’ to help industrial companies to reduce unplanned downtime and reduce workplace injuries without the need for a huge learning curve and high risk deployments on ground.

Machine Maintenance

Make unplanned downtime a history with our proprietary loT sound sensors and Al platform. Improve cost savings and avoid redundant checks by conducting timely maintenance only when it’s needed.

Our Machine Maintenance Solutions:
Sound Sensor
Condition-based Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

Workplace Safety

Monitor the safety of your workers on site and receive real-time alerts of safety breaches to prevent catastrophic accidents from happening.

Our Workplace Safety Solutions:
Computer Vision
Industrial Vehicle Safety Monitoring


Heavy Machinery

Predict machinery failure for better resource planning


Drive efficiency on site and enable massive savings


Strengthen operations at scale with improved productivity while attaining extensive cost savings


Predict vessel maintenance needs and reduce wasteges


Drive for greater accuracy and enhance safety conditions for frontline mineworkers

Oil & Gas

Optimize operations at every level


Access remote safety monitoring and imporve workplace safety


Driving for a real impact together, from the ground up

Ground Up Sound Solution

Make intelligent business decisions with full confidence

We integrate all forms of data and provide you with a complete understanding of your asset’s performance in real-time. With our simple proprietary platform, you can extract more value and gain actionable insights across all levels of your business.

From now on, you can make intelligent business decisions with full clarity and confidence.

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Attain significant
cost savings

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Better allocation of

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Achieve revenue

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